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Medicare in Minnesota



Planning for and having Medicare can be a feeling your never quite sure what you have and what you should have? Right before 65 and from then on, your junk mail never stops as an endless marketing sent to you and other advertising is never ending.

Let us get together with you we can evaluate what you have educate you what's available.  By better understanding whats available. We take the time to get to know you so you can make the right choices for your Medicare options.

We have relationship with over a dozen carriers and are knowledgeable about Supplement plan (Medigap Plans), Medical Advantage plans (MA) and Medical Savings Plans (MSA)

We can meet with you one on one to assist on all steps of the process.

We can educate you about additional resources to help with your Health care cost control needs.

For a Free Assessment of your Personal Needs,
Call our Office for an Appointment 952-746-5110

We will always recommend setting up an appointment with one of our agents to review the basics of Medicare, the different Parts (A-D) and how they will fit with your medical needs.  The comparison tool below will show you the price of some of the plans that are offered.  We always welcome any questions or if you want set up an appointment in our office, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Questions? Or Signup for a personalized assessment of your wants & needs for healthcare coverage today! 

Thank you!